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Paul Wildfang

Hello from Canada

Thanks you again for one of the best fishing trips


Hello Nacho, Alberto

I thought I would send you a big thank you and Happy New Year email. I've attached a few pictures also.

When we booked our trip to Cozumel I didn't really think I would find much fishing other than deep sea charters. Was I ever wrong! Alberto was such and incredible guide and helped me with spotting fish as well as with the fly rod. I had such a fantastic time that I just had to book a second trip 2 days later. With 7 bonefish landed the first day and 5 bonefish plus a few other species the second day the trip with you far exceeded my expectations and I have now plenty of fishing memories to share with my jealous friends back home.

You will see me again one day!

I've even started to tie up some bonefish flies that I would like to send to you and Alberto along with a thank you pack of fur and feathers that you can use to tie your own jigs and flies. If you can send me your mailing address I will ship them to you. Tell Alberto I found some bonefish hooks in size 8 for him.

Thanks you again for one of the best fishing trips I've ever had and I will definitely share my experiences with other anglers looking to head to Cozumel

Iain Sorrell


Hi Nacho,

Here are some photos from our trip together.
As always a very enjoyable day with you and Alberto.
Hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes




Bonefish is not bait


Found some pictures from my trip with you and I thought I would share with you.

Had a great time...looking forward to seeing you.
I hope the Conservation cause is going good and fish population is staying good for the sport and your business. Bonefish is not bait.

I have 3000+ yards of line for you plus a few other goodies.

See you soon and thanks for the memories...


Mike Stuart
Thanks Nacho


Hi Nacho
Mike Stuart here...I fished with you on Mar 3.
Just wanted to say thanks again and look forward to fishing with you again.



Joseph Vannucci
Thanks Alberto


I sure did enjoy catching the fish with you. I appreciate all the time you spent teaching us enough about fly fishing, to make sure we caught some bone fish.


Your Amigo, Joe Vannucci



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